Research, Innovation and technology transfer

The need to operate in a market in constant evolution forces companies to constantly improve the services and the products they offer. LABORATORIA labs work on research and development projects of new food and cosmetic products concerning all the agricultural sectors.
The transfer of the research objectives and results to the company is crucially important for cultural and industrial development. In fact, the adoption of innovative technical protocols, transferred to customers, allows the company to improve the quality of its product. The concepts of Innovation and Transfer of Technological know-how are central to a competitive system allowing the development of new products or processes capable of satisfying specific needs or solving technical problems. LABORATORIA offers research and development technology transfer in order to encourage and accelerate the cultural and methodological adaptation of companies.

Technical services and quality

The experience gained in the production sector is used for the design, execution and implementation of production facilities for the food/cosmetic companies. Specialists from the various sectors are involved in the start-up and implementation of new production lines, in the technological innovation of production processes and packaging and in the development of the new products. LABORATORIA engages in the creation of customized management systems for customers for production process procedures and the management of production facilities.
In this regard, the compliance with the Quality Management System is of high importance. In fact, the definition of a Quality Management System represents indispensable requirements and successful factors in a global scenario characterized by a high level of competition like the current one. Quality Management Systems are modern tools that allow companies to achieve these objectives if properly organized in line with the relevant national and international standards. The Compliance of the Company Quality Management System with these standards is therefore the best guarantee on the company's ability to meet quality requirements.

Training and internationalization

LABORATORIA promotes customized tailored training service on the themes of food, cosmetic and agriculture. The training has the aim of disclosing the culture of science and innovation through the design, organization and execution of courses, seminars, conference cycles, preparation of educational materials. All the topics developed for the design of a training activity can be deepened, integrated or modified according to the training needs of the Client Company.
A strength of LABORATORIA is the internationalization. In fact, LABORATORIA supports the implementation of research and training interventions in the food, agriculture and cosmetic sectors, both nationally and internationally. The consolidation of its presence at international level is a very strong stimulus to improve the production and marketing techniques of its services.